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The October box arrived. It looks wonderful and all my colleagues were very impressed with it. I am looking forward to trying it out tonight, and the watercolour book you have added in is simply amazing - thank you.


The art tiffin box is a fabulous idea,  the contents are fine quality and it represents exceptional value as a gift or a regular treat . 


...had no idea about the animal derivatives in art products so well done on getting the message out there in a beautiful way. You’ve definitely brought something special into the world.



The Art Tiffin Boxes

One-off gift box

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The Art Tiffin Subscriptions

What is The Art Tiffin?

The Art Tiffin is a movement. We are the first ever brand actively campaigning for cruelty-free art materials. We bring presents with purpose, an ethical alternative to mindless consumerism and waste. 

Our boxes are based in psychology and neuroscience research that shows that art can create happy thoughts. 

The Art Tiffin is perfect for new mums, overwhelmed, tired or suffering from PND. It is also a lovely gift for a friend who has had a tough time, the elderly, and those ill and lonely. It is for artists that choose a natural and pure creative path, and for parents who want to raise creative, conscious children. As parents ourselves, this is so important to us that we get this right.

Each month, our boxes will spur you on to create, and support you in finding time to unwind amongst the hubbub and stresses of everyday life. 

We don't just want to bring vegan art gift boxes. We want to bring the best quality art materials to give you the right tools to explore your creativity. 

The Art Tiffin is a movement, a community and a library of creative resources.  Let's start our creative journey together. Why not choose an ethical alternative? Why not create something magical? Why not do good? 

When you buy the art tiffin box...

art tiffin- art box- vegan sub box

You help the environment

Each box is vegan, and eco-friendly. We are also working with the Woodland Trust so that each box sold will result in a tree being planted to help sustain our planet.

You help a person

We will be selecting different mental illness charities to donate to, helping those lonely or struggling. 

You help yourself

It's hard to look after your mental health these days. Each box give you an opportunity to step away and find  a moment of calm amongst the stresses of everyday life.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

Pablo Picasso

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