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How Can We Support Our Mental Health With Creativity: The SuperMum Podcast

Recently, I was invited by Lisa York who runs the fantastic The SuperMum Podcast to be a guest on her podcast. 

Lisa, who is herself a mum of 4 young children, balances a freelance career with her family, and we spoke about balance and juggling.

We also talked about creativity, my own journey from India, being an Academic, stress and burn-out. When something happens that knocks your natural self-confidence and self-esteem, it can be hard to discover the same sense of purpose and direction. I felt like I was a shadow of my former self. 

But, I do believe that often when we are at our lowest, we discover our deepest reserves of strength and inner resilience. We all do not really know how strong we are until we hit a wall. And, so this is what I did. Giving up was not an option.

We also talk about what creativity really is, what is the science behind creativity and how it can be used to create happiness.

And, most importantly, all of us are creative. We just often don't believe it ourselves.

Listen to the whole interview here, and visit the website to claim a free copy of our e-zine with articles on 'Creativity and Mental Health', and how to nurture a love of art in our children. 


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  • Hi Pragya, I really enjoyed listening to this podcast episode and agree with your thoughts on creativity and how it can be such a blessing in our lives. Your story is very inspiring and I admire your tenacity. I am an artist in the UK and have recently created some collages on the topic of mental health – from my own personal journey and the topic as a whole. I’ve been so touched how my experiences have been able to touch others and I think that’s the wonderful thing about art making and creativity – it reaches others. www.janehinchliffe.com

    Jane Hinchliffe

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