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What is 'The Art Tiffin'?

Did you know that many of the art materials that you and your family use have animal products or harmful toxic chemicals? 
We have done intensive market research and testing to find watercolour papers that are not sized using gelatin; paint that does not have ox gall; ink that doesn't contain a shellac binder or squid and cuttlefish, crushed cochineal beetles, or charred animal bones; artists’ pencils that do not have beeswax; and paintbrushes that do not have animal hair like sable, squirrel, mongoose, horse or pig hair.
Art and creativity has been shown to help with post-natal depression, and speed up recovery from illnesses. We use peer reviewed research and expert opinion to inform each of our boxes, to encourage mindfulness and ethical choices over mindless consumerism. 
The Art Tiffin is perfect for new mums, overwhelmed, tired and/or suffering from PND. It is also a lovely gift for the elderly, and those ill and lonely, and perfect for those who are mindful of a sustainable, ethical lifestyle. 
The Art Tiffin is a green business and social enterprise. Each box will result in a tree being planted in collaboration with the Woodland Trust. And, part profits from each box will be given to a nominated mental health charity. Along with this, we are developing collaborations with charities engaged with the elderly and Alzheimer's and dementia. 
Each month will bring a delightful surprise to spur you on to create, and support you in finding time to unwind amongst the hubbub and stresses of everyday life. 
The Art Tiffin is a very personal project. It stems from my experience of workplace bullying, the huge impact that it had on my physical and mental health, and how art and creativity helped me heal. I also suffered severe PND, and know how difficult it is to lift that fog and find something that can help you enjoy those initial few months with your child. Art and creativity helped me. I struggled to find chemical-free and ethical art materials that would be safe around my twins, born last year with numerous allergies. This was my motivation to set up The Art Tiffin as I become more conscious of our impact on the planet and the world that we are creating and leaving behind for our children.

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