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Previous Boxes


'Relax, Renew' Revive'
January's box was designed to help you look after yourself and start the new year with a renewed energy. It included art materials, soothing treats and self-care inspiration to help you relax and unwind after the festive season.

Box contains:
Box of 24 vegan pastels
Vegan artist pad for pastels
Vegan bubble bath
Vegan tea to warm and soothe
Set of 6 pocket-sized self-affirmation cards based on original hand-drawn illustrations


December's box was designed for a handmade, eco, ethical Christmas, including stamps to make your own Christmas cards and vegan Prosecco!

Box contains:
3 original hand-carved Christmas stamps mounted on eco-friendly wooden backs
Vegan eco ink pad
20cl bottle of exclusive vegan Prosecco
vegan bath salts or vegan face mask
vegan tea for the festive seasion
Eco Twig colouring pencils
One of our exclusive Art Tiffin branded pencils


Paint your world Golden
November's box was all about warmth, comfort and chocolate! Celebrating Autumn and the lovely colours around us. Although Autumn is a beautiful season, it can bring with it seasonal affective disorder (SAD). November's box was designed to be cosy and comforting to help you through the season.

Box contains:
Vegan acrylic paints in an autumnal palette of copper and organge
Vegan organic chilli chocolate tea
Vegan paint brush (no animal hair or glue)


Paint your worries away
Our very first Art Tiffin box was designed to help you paint your worries away. Discover simple, expressive wet-on-wet techniques with watercolour - focus the mind and achieve a state of 'flow'.

Box contains:
Vegan, natural watercolour set with no ox gall
Vegan watercolour pad not sized with gelatin
Vegan paint brush with no animal glue and only sustainable wood handle
Vegan relaxing moisturising cream to soothe
Vegan inner strength herbal tea for that warming cuppa